NYU TAMID members are exceptionally business-minded NYU students, whose eclectic interests uniquely inform their business perspectives and ambitions. With backgrounds ranging from high-tech development to ethnographic research, our membership mirrors the diversity of talent that makes the Israeli startup culture so successful.


Meet our Executive Board

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TAMID is, of course, an organization of talented young professionals excited by problem-solving and the prospect of making positive change. Most importantly, though, it is a family of people who care for one another, lift each other up, and hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence. I am committed to achieving meaningful, sustainable growth in our chapter during the coming year. We're going to work harder, play harder, and see our best year yet!

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VP of Operations

TAMID gives students from all backgrounds the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship in its most exciting form. By working with Israeli startups, the TAMID Group gives its members hands-on business experience on a global scale. As Vice President of Operations, I hope to expose TAMID at NYU to students across all schools and create more opportunities for our members to engage with some of the most interesting figures in entrepreneurship.

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VP of Programming

TAMID at NYU has given me an incredible community of people with diverse experiences and studies who come together to learn, teach, and grow through education, consulting, and investing programming. As VP of Programming, I'm excited to support and empower our members in achieving their initiatives and goals and preparing for the future.

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VP of Development

TAMID presents students the opportunity to consult for incredible companies with bright futures, while working with an amazing group of people motivated to learn and succeed. As VP of Development, I look forward to working towards growing TAMID's committed member-base through engagement, such as lecture series, workshops, and events.

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Director of Marketing

TAMID at NYU offers students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experiences, connect with Israel’s booming economy, and work with a group of highly motivated, compassionate people. As Director of Marketing, I look forward to sharing the incredible TAMID experience with others, while helping grow our chapter as much as possible for our current members and future members.

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Director of Education

TAMID is an amazing way for undergraduate students to gain practical experience doing business across different cultures, while simultaneously expanding their own personal and professional networks. As Director of Education, I am excited to share my passion for TAMID and the Israeli start-up ecosystem with our newest members.

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Director of Fund

I love business and Israel, and TAMID gives students the opportunity to learn about both in an exciting way. Investing can be daunting, so as Director of Fund, I looking forward to making it understandable and, dare I say, fun.

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TAMID has offered me opportunities to tackle meaningful business projects and has connected me to a community of inspiring people in NYU and other chapters! As treasurer this fall, I plan on continuing and expanding on TAMID at NYU's fundraising initiatives and maintaining the most balanced budget possible for the chapter.

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Director of Consulting

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with some of the brightest people at NYU to tackle real world business problems. As Director of Consulting, I would like to work closely with my Project Managers to enable their teams to make a significant positive impact on the companies they consult for.
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rebecca feder

Recruitment and Member Engagement Chair

I am so lucky to be a member of TAMID at NYU. TAMID has allowed me to use the thriving Israeli economy as a means of exploring various facets of business such as investing, consulting, and entrepreneurship. As director of Recruitment and Member Engagement, I hope to keep current members excited about their involvement in, and help new members join, this wonderful community.

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