NYU TAMID members are exceptionally business-minded NYU students, whose eclectic interests uniquely inform their business perspectives and ambitions. With backgrounds ranging from high-tech development to ethnographic research, our membership mirrors the diversity of talent that makes the Israeli startup culture so successful.


Meet our Executive Board

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alex rosh


Through its Education, Fund and Consulting programs, as well as its numerous events, TAMID at NYU offers its members unparalleled opportunities to gain hands on experiences and to make long lasting friendships. As President I have the privilege of working to ensure that all aspects of our chapter reach their full potential, so that TAMID at NYU may deliver to its members everything that they deserve.

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Alexa lavian

VP of Operations

Every semester, the TAMID at NYU network continues to flourish with more and more connections to incredible leaders and professionals of Israel’s start-up culture. As VP of Operations, I am excited to see our chapter grow its community through various professional speaker and social events.

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Maeve Daniels

VP of Programming

TAMID's Education, Consulting, and Fund tracks excel at providing members both breadth and depth of tangible experience in a wide range of industries and business sectors. As VP of Programming, I look forward to ensuring that these experiences continue to effectively equip and empower members for their dynamic careers ahead.

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Hayden Edelson

VP of Development

TAMID supplies what many people feel college lacks: the ability to explore industries through hands-on learning and the network to create lasting friendships founded on a shared passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. As VP of Development, it is my honor to manage many of the core programs and operations, such as the Fellowship, that create unrivaled experiences for TAMID members.

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Jesse Schanzer 

VP of Marketing

TAMID at NYU offers students the opportunity to grow as business thinkers while taking part in Israel's booming startup culture. As VP of Marketing, I look forward to spreading the invaluable TAMID experience to others while bringing our chapter to even greater heights.

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rOn Yakar

Director of Education

Fulfilling relationships are the key to a happy life. I joined the TAMID family looking for these meaningful relationships in college, and I found myself among incredibly motivated and compassionate people I am proud to call my friends. As Director of Education, I hope to instill in our new members the same hunger for knowledge and passion for excellence that I admire in our family of current members.

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Eytan Rubinstein

Director of Fund

TAMID is an amazing platform to learn about business, connect with Israel’s economy, and meet great people. As Director of Fund, I look forward to supporting the exploration of the Israeli ecosystem from a financial lens and teaching fundamentals of investment research.

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Mehul Dangayach


TAMID is, at its core, a group of motivated people who work together to learn and grow. As Treasurer, I am excited to do my part in making our chapter the best it’s ever been and enjoying the experience together with all of you.

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Sam Hollander

Director of Consulting

TAMID is an organization like no other that not only teaches its members about business and startup culture, but invites them to experience it. As the Director of Consulting I will make sure that TAMID members gain useful business skills and experience that will make them stand out, by helping real Israeli startups succeed in their endeavors.

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Raquel GreenField

Recruitment and Member Engagement Chair

TAMID has granted me the ability to learn from and engage with the Israeli economy, business practices, and driven students at both local and national levels. As the Recruitment and Engagement Chair, I hope to unite passionate members and motivate them to take the organization to new heights.

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TAMID at New York University

Spring 2017


Ayelet Abitbul

Ross Abramson

Oscar Adelman

Raizel Adler

Robert Adler

Jash Babla

Alex Ben-Yosef

Gabriel Bildirici

Josh Blank

Avi Chefitz

Nathan Coen

Mehul Dangayach

Maeve Daniels

Hayden Edelson

Irakli Eliashvili

Jonathan Eshet

Micah Ezekiel

Michael Finkelstein

Alon Futter

Justin Gage

Marcos Galante

Rachel Gindi

Ethan Goldberg

Arlyn Goldberg

Daniel Greenblum

Raquel Greenfield

Tomer Hadassi

Eden Hoffman

Gabe Hoffman

Samuel Hollander

Elisha Ishaal

Elisha Jacobs

Danielle Klinger

Liran Kogan

Rachel Lauren

Alexandra Lavian

Frida Leibowitz

Andrew Levine

Jason Li

Youchen Liu

Brandon Lurie

Karan Magu

Micaela Mangot

Natalie Matejkova

Harlee Miller

David Moed

Alon Mor

Ilan Nathanson

Joshua Ottensoser

Nisarg Patel

Szymon Pawica

Rebecca Raab


Alexander Rahmani

Jacob Reich

Alexander Rein

Alex Rosh

Eytan Rubinstein

Liza Sakhaie 

Jesse Schanzer

Eli Schildkraut

Jackie Schlussel

Lauren Silvermintz

Jake Simpson

Rebecca Souferian

Tani Spievack

Ari Spitzer

Allan Stern

Tal Stern

Daniel Suissa

Jason Sulzberger

Olivia Taic

Ricky Tawil

Isaac Tessone

Andrea Waxman

Elliot Waxman

Ron Yakar

Annie Zagha

Jacob Zarzecki


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